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So. Freaking. Stoked. My first concert EVER and I’m so happy it’s 3OH!3 (yes, I know, it’s weird that someone who is almost 24 has never been to a concert).
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Downtown Kaiserslautern. #germany #ktown #kaiserslautern #milso #shopping #h&m
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This public swimming pool in Kaiserslautern is called the Waschmühle, locals abbreviate it to Wesch. It’s name comes from a mill that was built here at the end of the 19th century, which utilized the power of the creek’s water to run a laundry mill. At the change of the century, the newly established swimming club of Kaiserslautern had the idea to build a public pool at this location. Sponsors helped to realize the idea. Construction began in 1906; it officially opened in 1908. The pool originally got its fresh water from Eselsbach creek. Next to the big basin, a drawn-out wing of wooden changing cabins was built in art nouveau style. The pool was divided into a men’s section in the west and a ladies’ section in the east. The pool is the oldest of its kind in Germany. It’s not heated. Today, it gets its water from deep wells - water temp is 18-20 Celsius, on hot days, it can reach 24 degrees. Swimmers can jump from a 10-meter diving platform or slide down the water slides. There’s a baby pool for toddlers, a playhouse, swings, ping pong tables, 2 beach volleyball fields, and a soccer field. There also is a kiosk for food and drink. Admission is €2 for adults, and €1 for students, service members, and children 6-15. It’s the biggest one-basin outdoor swimming pool in Europe. 
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